Alon Control

Water Saving

The Earth has been experiencing climate upheavals in recent years, rising temperatures and droughts.

The new circumstances require a different approach to municipal, institutional and even private gardening.

One way to save water is to use inanimate materials in our gardens, such as synthetic grass, soil cover, paved surfaces etc. This might help solve problems here and there but it is not the recommended solution.

The second way relies on the continued use of vegetation, lawns and trees (which have a positive effect on the quality of air we breath), combined with smart irrigation and control systems, which provide us real time information about the state of the air, the soil and the plant itself.

We at Alon Systems provide our customers advanced irrigation control systems capable of interfacing with a wide range of probes and precision sensors, in addition to our professional knowledge accumulated over decades of work in this business. These help create a real-time situation picture and deliver the plant the amount of water and fertilizer it needs.

We provide, on demand, irrigation surveys of various scopes. These surveys provide both us and the customer a starting point from which we can understand the current state and what is needed in order to increase our efficiency.

Our experts will be pleased to schedule a preliminary meeting in order to lay out the range of solutions we offer and propose the best solution for you.