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GSI Smart, Web-based controller over cellular

GSI Controllers – Specifications and Advantages

The advanced GSI controllers, manufactured by Galcon, are smart controllers featuring remote control and flow rate alerts, which communicate directly with a server via cellular communication. No need for installing software/hardware on the user’s computer. The system contributes toward Saving on water and manpower required for controlling the irrigation system

  • Controller Main Features
  • Generic outputs – for activating relays controlling pumps/fountains/lighting etc.
  • Supports Ignore Water Meter
  • Support for control and readout from up to 4 different water meters
  • Support for controlling one or more valves without Activation a maser valve
  • 8 irrigation programs (series), unlimited starts per day
  • Works with different water meter models
  • Quantity-based or time-based irrigation
  • Real-time alarms to email and/or push messages to the application
  • Control over water leaks, failed valve shut-off or opening
  • Time-based irrigation by second/minute/hour
  • Precise dose irrigation by cubic meter/unit of area or millimeters
  • Filter cleaning program – by volume, time or pressure difference
  • Secondary valve – functions in parallel with another valve, selectable, and able to function independently
  • “Dumb” valve – functions only in parallel with another valve, selectable
  • Irrigation by vegetation type
  • Modify irrigation regime by % of valve level, program, controller and project
  • Control over activation of fertigation systems by volume/time/relative flow rate
  • Support for irrigation shut-off by predefined dates
  • Support for valve testing and opening through the controller in the field
  • Serial and parallel valve operation
  • A special application, free of charge, for installation on a smartphone, enabling operation of the controller including programming valves/programs, logs
  • Alarms, irrigation log, control over valve/program status, battery status, cellular network status etc.
  • Access to the system website from any device for full-scale operation and for obtaining a pocket-sized management center
  • Set of detailed daily/monthly reports by controller / program / valve
  • Daily/monthly irrigation logs – tracking irrigation on each valve / program
  • 4 analog conditional inputs for use with sensors/probes/pressure controllers
  • Ability to control a valve in multiple programs by time, volume, relative, etc.
  • Ability to manually activate multiple valves concurrently
  • Work with an autonomous Web-based meteorological station
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GSI Models

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230V GSI DC:

AC- ON LINE model – with permanent electricity connection – 230/110 VAC (Up to 24 valves+ master)

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Model – DC OFF LINE – Battery-operated only.

(Up to 24 valves+ master)

Model – DC ON LINE – chargeable from mains electricity [lighting pole or electricity junction box]

 (Up to 24 valves+ master)

Model – DC ON LINE – chargeable from solar panel

(Up to 24 valves+ master)

Controller Advantages

  • Accessible from any computer or Web-connected device, no need for installing software
  • Single manufacturer = single assembly = minimum malfunctions
  • The system facilitates saving on the manpower required to operate and control a large number of systems
  • No need for setting up radio or any other infrastructure Can begin with a single controller and grow over time
  • No need for a dedicated management center
  • Intuitive, user-friendly interface for controlling and orientation.
  • Online picture of the irrigation and malfunctions encompassing all system controllers
  • Complete alarm system for irrigation and operation problems
  • The controller can be installed inside the irrigation cabinet – saving on the controller cost, improving the aesthetics and preventing issues of vandalism
  • Extension of Licenses by opening them via the server without having to buy extension cards and without requiring a technician visit
  • Controllers can be upgraded Over the Air (OTA), enabling years of the highest level of maintenance
  • System can be upgraded from OFFLINE mode to ONLINE mode without needing to replace the existing controller in order to extend battery life
  • Connectivity to most commercially-available solenoid valves
  • Autonomous management system, customer-usable, not reliant on external personnel
  • Data storage on a secured server, ensuring data retention and recovery in any case of controller malfunction
  • Proper use of the controller can save up to 40% of water consumption


A variety of sensors for precision irrigation

Soil Moisture Sensor – SOIL-CLIK

Soil-Clik uses proven technology for measuring moisture in the root area.

When the probe senses that the soil has reached the desired moisture level, it disables the irrigation, preventing water wastage.

Soil-Clik is a two-component probe: a moisture probe installed in the soil and an electronic module which communicates with the probe and the controller. Easy installation – simply bury it at the correct depth of your plant’s root. Can be located up to 1000 meters from the controller. A simple pushbutton enables adjustment of the desired moisture level with immediate updating of the actual measurements.

The module connects to AC power-operated irrigation controllers. Soil-Clik can be programmed to turn off the irrigation when it senses sufficient moisture.


Main Advantages

  1. Clear, simple presentation of the data on a single screen – moisture level and current state of the soil
  2. One-touch override – enables overriding soil moisture in special cases

Special low-voltage outdoor space powered by a host controller

Connect to the sensor inputs, or through the existing wiring use any 24V irrigation system

Rain Probes

Irrigating a garden in the rain results not only in saturated plants and lawns, it also wastes water. The rain probe provides the simplest, most efficient way of delaying the controller’s operation in the wintertime. The probe can easily be connected to most existing irrigation controllers in Israel. The rain probe stops the preset irrigation when it discovers that a preset amount of precipitation has fallen. The automatic process ensures the garden does not get watered while it is raining. The moment the rain is over, the probe enables the controller to resume its normal irrigation.


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Irrigation Systems

Alon Systems provides irrigation systems accordance with customer specifications and requirements.

The Company uses only the highest quality, leading commercially-available products.

Additionally, the Company provides installation services for the irrigation Systems all over Israel..

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An advanced system for monitoring and management of soil moisture profiles

Sentek – Drill & Drop

The advanced monitoring system, made by Sentek, for real-time management of the soil moisture profile

Sentek’s technology, as presented in the Sentek Irrimax Live cloud program, tracks the amount of water, temperature and salinity in real time along a soil depth profile. It provides detailed, high-resolution information that displays a dynamic picture of the water and solutes in the soil as well as the plant’s water consumption data.

Soil moisture profile probes

The Sentek probes measure the volumetric water content along a soil depth profile. The measurement is highly accurate, based on scientific calibration equations. Measurements are made at 10 cm intervals down to a depth of 120 cm (depending on the probe length).


  • Real-time tracking the water quantity, temperature and salinity of the soil
  • Detailed information on the water and solutes profile in the soil
  • Measurement of a clean, precise representative profile
  • Maintenance-free, long-lasting
  • Cellular transmission unit sends data to a graphic server Enhancing crop yield and quality
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WIFI controller for home gardens

Leak control system for private homes and offices