Alon Control

Advanced irrigation control

Irrigation Systems Management and Control

Alon Systems provides operating services for control systems as needed under its annual service and operation agreements. The Company also offers its expertise for maximizing the efficiency of irrigation systems and for saving water at the irrigation program level and in designing and upgrading of irrigation systems in the field.

Alon Systems provides a comprehensive solution, maximizing the efficiency of your irrigation systems in terms of water utilization and for green, lush gardening.


אלון מערכות - Advanced irrigation control


Service and warranty agreement including parts and technician visits

אלון מערכות - Advanced irrigation control

Remote operation

Operation of a control system according to customer requirements: modification of irrigation programs, water reports and daily malfunctions

אלון מערכות - Advanced irrigation control

Technical Support

Service center assisting in system operation, troubleshooting support and training

Control through Progress

Alon Systems is the exclusive Israel representative of GSI Controllers from Galcon for Israeli gardening. The advanced GSI controllers feature remote control and rupture and flow rate control, which communicate directly with a server via cellular communication. They can be controlled via an application or via an Internet website from any smart device (tablet, laptop, mobile phone and smartphone).

Efficiency and savings

Saving on water quantities

Saving on manpower required for controlling the system