Alon Control

Energy Efficiency

The term Energy Efficiency has in recent years become a byword for turning a certain area into something “greener”. For example: replacing old street lights with LEDs, hybrid or electric vehicles etc.

In the field of water and irrigation, energy efficiency means proper utilization of the water resource and recycling water from various sources.

Recycled water can come from several sources:

1. Water from sinks, shower cubicles or toilets, which undergo various levels of treatment.
2. Rainwater stored in special tanks for use in irrigation during the summer months.
3. Runoff water, particularly from gardens planted in detached substrate like scoria, which is collected into special tanks like the rainwater.
4. Air conditioning water, which is created by the air conditioners. These can be channeled, if planned in advance, into special tanks.

Our irrigation controllers can control the entire storage system, the water quality and of course the irrigation systems in the field. Intelligent use of such systems not only saves on water costs, it also contributes toward recycling water which has already been used.

The recycling systems require careful planning right from the outset of the structure design in order to achieve optimal results.