Alon Control

Control and monitoring systems

Irrigation systems have existed all over the years for hundreds of years. Whereas in the distant past canals were used for transporting water from the rivers and streams to the fields in order to sustain yielding agriculture, today, at least in the developed world, water is available from every faucet and irrigation systems have become more focused and ‘smarter’.

Due to the increased prices of irrigation water, the need has also arisen in the gardening sector to increase efficiency and make better use of this precious resource.

Nowadays one can find irrigation controllers of various kinds, sizes and manufacturers in every do-it-yourself store and, of course, the controllers are readily available via the Internet as well.

Our company offers a more efficient solution, which on the one hand delivers autonomous end-units capable of managing the amounts of water in each irrigation head connected to it and, on the other hand, the solution provides a centralized management capability in a cloud configuration from every online device.

We will be pleased to arrange a meeting on your premises to help you irrigate smarter, to irrigate more precisely.