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Energy Efficiency

אלון מערכות - Energy Efficiency

The term Energy Efficiency has in recent years become a byword for turning a certain area into something “greener”. For example: replacing old street lights with LEDs, hybrid or electric vehicles etc. In the field of water and irrigation, energy efficiency means proper utilization of the water resource and recycling water from various sources. Recycled […]

Water Saving

אלון מערכות - Water Saving

The Earth has been experiencing climate upheavals in recent years, rising temperatures and droughts. The new circumstances require a different approach to municipal, institutional and even private gardening. One way to save water is to use inanimate materials in our gardens, such as synthetic grass, soil cover, paved surfaces etc. This might help solve problems […]

Control and monitoring systems

אלון מערכות - Control and monitoring systems

Irrigation systems have existed all over the years for hundreds of years. Whereas in the distant past canals were used for transporting water from the rivers and streams to the fields in order to sustain yielding agriculture, today, at least in the developed world, water is available from every faucet and irrigation systems have become […]